Why Intuitive Eating is NOT “The Hunger-Fullness Diet”

Have you heard of the Hunger-Fullness diet? Have you heard of Intuitive Eating?

Or, have you heard of Intuitive Eating and THOUGHT that it was the hunger-fullness diet?

Either way, I am here to clear up these confusions for you.

Recently on my usual mindless Instagram scrolling, I saw a post on my feed from a hashtag that I follow. This post was about the “hunger-fullness” diet, albeit it may have possessed a different name.

Whatever you choose to call it, a diet (or any kind of weight-loss attempt) is still a diet. 

What I mean is this:

Remember the Atkins diet, the South Beach diet, the Paleo diet? All of which resemble when people choose to make certain dietary changes and restrictions in order to alter their body shape or physical “health.” All of which, additionally, gain notoriety for being tedious, unsatisfying, and overall unsuccessful.

Unfortunately for the average consumer, however, diets have become even more inconspicuous.

After decades of research evidence and personal experiences, we have realized

“Huh, I’ve been dieting my whole life and yet STILL, I am unhappy with my body.”

It is a never-ending cycle of restrict, binge, restrict, binge, restrict, binge, low self-esteem, low self-esteem, low self-esteem.


Except now, the diet industry has noticed our dissatisfaction in the diets they have to offer and so they’ve changed their guise to, not being about dieting per se, but about “healthy lifestyle changes” and “wellness.”

I’ll say it again: You can choose to call it whatever you want but a diet is still a diet.

This same concept goes for, what I call, the Hunger-Fullness diet.

The Hunger-Fullness diet is an attempt to itemize Intuitive Eating into a diet scheme to, once again, bring empty promises and encourage people to distrust their own bodies and create an unhealthy relationship with food.

This diet scheme claims to give you the same weight-loss results without the strict food restriction, but by instead telling you to only eat when you feel hunger and to stop when you feel full. (Which, by the way, is still a way to control your food intake…)

In essence, yes, this is technically how Intuitive Eating (not a diet) works. However, there are many missing links:

1. Intuitive Eating is not just about honoring hunger and fullness cues. This is only one (actually #2) of the ten principles. Intuitive Eating includes making peace with food, accepting that food does bring us comfort and it is okay to use it as such; embracing the fact that food brings us together with friends and family and gives us joy through experiences and delicious tastes and textures; as well as respecting our bodies, no matter the size or shape.


2. The first principle of Intuitive Eating is Reject the Diet MentalityAny kind of weight-loss attempt is innately defying this first, and arguably most important, principle. Rejecting the diet mentality means stop allowing a culture rich in weight, gender, and race discrimination control the way you feel about your own body and food choices. Why do you want to lose weight? Ask yourself this question and think very deeply as to how you have been made to feel about your body your entire life. Did your parents tell you to go on a diet as a young child? Did your friends or peers make fun of your body? Did you obsess over celebrities who had smaller bodies than you? Did your doctor tell you that weight-loss was necessary for your health? All of these scenarios are very real and lead to unhealthy eating behaviors, obsessive thoughts, and higher risks for health-related problems down the road.

Here’s the deal: weight-loss attempts have a 5% success rate and using body size as a way to measure a person’s value is both derogatory and incredibly sad. 

We have had enough. We deserve more. And we will do better.

Ditch the diet and join our community, where we accept bodies of all shapes and sizes as being worthy of love and respect. No exceptions.

For more questions, reach out to me or explore my other blog posts. I will gladly answer any questions you have about Intuitive Eating, diet culture, weight loss, and more!

Thank you for reading.

– Arianna


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