Problems with the Keto Diet (Reaction to Keto Memes)

The ketogenic diet has been around for decades but has recently taken on the role as the latest diet trend. You've probably heard about it from your co-workers, your neighbors, your aunt's cousin's husband twice removed... and it still seems to be working its way through everyone's attempt-at-another-weight-loss-diet lineup. What is the Keto Diet exactly? … Continue reading Problems with the Keto Diet (Reaction to Keto Memes)

What Being “Healthy” REALLY Means

health·y | adjective | Free from disease or pain¹; showing physical, mental, or emotional well-being¹; in good health The definition of the word "healthy" can take on many different meanings: the absence of disease, a "good" state of mind and body, or even a desirable size or state. Today, people use "health" to define their lifestyles, … Continue reading What Being “Healthy” REALLY Means

5 Weight Loss Myths You Still Believe

If there's anything I've learned about the internet and social media, it's that misconceptions and misinformation is constantly available to us. We are bombarded with various articles, statuses, posts, and other forms of information that it's sometimes hard to decipher what's true from what's not, especially when it comes to health and weight loss. So, … Continue reading 5 Weight Loss Myths You Still Believe

Is Soy Milk Actually Bad for You?

I am soy excited to tell you the answer. BUT FIRST - Have you heard that soy milk and other soy products are bad for you because they contain estrogen-like hormones that will mess with YOUR hormones and cause problems such as with fertility and masculinity? Well I have and I did some research. Basically, … Continue reading Is Soy Milk Actually Bad for You?