How You’re Supporting Diet Culture (And How to Stop!)

As I spend more time with family and friends, I realize just how integrated diet culture really is in our lives and conversations. Chances are, you also hear about it multiple times a day from many different sources, sometimes without even realizing it. What is “diet culture” exactly? As Sara Upson, RD* so gracefully describes, … Continue reading How You’re Supporting Diet Culture (And How to Stop!)

What Being “Healthy” REALLY Means

health·y | adjective | Free from disease or pain¹; showing physical, mental, or emotional well-being¹; in good health The definition of the word "healthy" can take on many different meanings: the absence of disease, a "good" state of mind and body, or even a desirable size or state. Today, people use "health" to define their lifestyles, … Continue reading What Being “Healthy” REALLY Means